Yantis / McLaughlin / Mason / Houpert – Line Drawings

Cody Yantis / Nathan McLaughlin / Josh Mason / Joe Houpert – Line Drawings (12″ vinyl LP & 7″ Set / Digital)




A line in the sand…

A subtle phrase.
What is not subtle is the end: things will not be the same.

Drawing a line.
Does this line separate us? Or does it mark our progress?

Line Drawings is our attempt at creating a community of musicians that challenge each other to make deliberate music. Born from a range of frustrations, the line initially served as a divider, separating purposeful music from aimless music.

But what’s beyond?

More lines…
More division…

The act of line drawing can become self-defeating.

And so the motivation shifted from division to marking our progress. The line marks where we were, our eyes continually focused upstream. Our steps are calculated, our progress deliberate.

These pieces document the joy and struggle of definition, of realization.
Of making deliberate music.
Of fostering community.


Line Drawings is rooted in the shared intentions and working methods of Cody Yantis, Nathan McLaughlin, Josh Mason, and Joe Houpert. What started as a set of exercises under the banner of A Line in the Sand now encompasses seven releases on varying media and features the work of a range of musicians and artists.

Alice Sketches, released on Digitalis Recordings, is a 54-minute cassette of conversations in which Houpert, Mason, McLaughlin, and Yantis consider and respond to challenges and questions posed by one another.

The Line Drawings LP then takes the cassette and refines it—these eight pieces are clear and confident musical statements born from the risk and experimentation heard throughout the Alice Sketches.

The final facet of the project, Studies, which aims to highlight the importance of collaboration and community, is a series of five 7-inch records wherein each of the four open this sonic dialog up to additional musicians: Olli Aarni, Norm Chambers, Anne Guthrie, Mary Lattimore, Brad Rose, and illustrator Chris Koelle. The end result is an exciting and varied survey of purposeful sound.


Line Drawings | 12” LP on Desire Path Recordings – Pathway008
Studies | 7” split series co-released by FET Press & Desire Path Recordings in a limited edition of 100 copies each
Alice Sketches | CS on Digitalis Recordings – Ltd265
| 12-page tabloid edition of Chris Koelle’s ten musician portraits, plus a unique portrait remix


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Cody Yantis / Mary Lattimore – FET010/Pathway008.1
Nathan McLaughlin / Anne Guthrie – FET011/Pathway008.2
Josh Mason / Olli Aarni – FET012/Pathway008.3
Joe Houpert / Norm Chambers – FET013/Pathway008.4

Chris Koelle / Brad Rose – FET014/Pathway008.5

Order all five 7″ Studies + Portraits tabloid edition – Limited to 15 bundles

7" Splits + Portraits

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Line Drawings 7″ LP Series Bundle


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Mastering by Erich Steiger
Artwork and design by Chris Koelle



Fluid Radio - “Introverted drones lay beside quieter passages, but they are strange side-streets that glint in the perilous light. The music glimmers with warmth, and yet it’s as cool as a breeze, with shadows disintegrating in the failing light.”

A Closer Listen – “The project is one of 2014′s defining statements in experimental music.”

Anti-Gravity Bunny – “This is the most subtle, intimate, & delicate music, soft drones humming throughout, with processed & glitched guitars, intentional banjo plucking, satiny strings, mystical field recordings, the warble & crackle of ancient analog media..”

ATTN:Magazine – “The project is an eternal questioning, with each scrap of documentation ending on the equivalent to a sonic ellipsis; a line hanging loose, waiting to be resumed or moved.”

Exclaim - “a cohesive entity that every single person involved should be immensely proud of.”

Music Won’t Save You (in Italian) – “Le identità scolorano tuttavia a fronte dell’impianto compositivo costruito dai quattro artisti, le cui personalità finiscono per compenetrarsi, confondendosi in una risultante sonora che assume nuova e autonoma fisionomia..”

Tiny Mix Tapes – Chocolate Grinder – “The pairing of Rose and Koelle may seem at first like an odd coupling of musical visions; however, when heard back to back the songs perfectly complement one another.”

Tiny Mix Tapes – Cerberus – “The work of each is a different idea and yet they work magnificently in this setting. Each composition is a continuation of and rebuttal against its predecessor.”

The Isolatarium - “There’s an air of seriousness, sure, but it’s tempered by a wafting booziness, much like the 10%ABV DNR drops on you without so much as a hint.”

Decoder Magazine (Interview Feature) - “We thought we should be pushing each other and pushing our music forward … really exploring it, which brought out this idea of making deliberate choices about the music that we’re playing, why we are playing it, how we’re playing it … really giving that some thought.”

A Closer Listen’s Best Packaging of 2014 – “This community of musicians is well-served by this extensive release, which draws attention to their individual efforts as well as their collective mindset.  A long afternoon is needed in order to enjoy the complete collection, after which the listener is left sated and inspired.”